Build your own kingdom in CryptoGladiators

Cryptogladiator is an RPG nurturing game. In the game, players need to cultivate their own gladiators, occupy the land to obtain rewards. You can fight with friends all over the world in the world of gladiators.

Cryptogladiator has been upgraded to a new version. In the previous version, some changes have been made to the territory mode in which players fight the most fiercely. The new version not only retains the previous antagonism and pay more attention to the game experience for players.

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Rewards in the territory mode are awarded according to the score ranking. The ranking depends on players territory scores. Each territory generates different points. The higher the level, the more points the territory can generate per unit time. After defeating the gatekeeper, the player can arrange the defensive forces, occupy the territory and gain the generated points to improve his ranking.

The ranking rewards are tentatively settled once every 24 hours, and the top 50 will receive corresponding rewards. After settlement, the points in the first 50 digits will be cleared directly (those not in the first 50 rank will not be cleared). Then directly enter the next ranking settlement.

Upgraded the territory defense mechanism. In the new version, the defender can automatically release skills, which is more conducive to the defender.

Another change is to increase the restraint relationship between weapons in the whole game. When attacking a gladiator with a restrained weapon, there will be a certain range of damage reduction. In this case, players will have more choices and thoughts when arranging troops. Players don’t have to rely on the overall strength to win. Sometimes you can also use exquisite layout to win.

The bonus points of each land in the territory mode are different. The higher level, the greater reward Points will be awarded every hour. If less than an hour is occupied by other players, points will be distributed according to the proportion of occupied time.

In the new version, the territory model has become more strategic. Players can arrange their troops according to the defensive arrangement of the occupation You can show your tactical thinking of defeating the strong with the weak. And clear the top 50 points, so that all players have a chance to get rewards. It ensures the fairness of the game and can obtain high profits while enjoying the fun of the game.

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